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Fulfillment & Distribution

Just because the printing is done, our work doesn’t have to be. Handling your own fulfillment and distribution can be labor intensive and time consuming – efforts that could be spent optimizing your business. POD Print quickly and efficiently turns everything from assembly to shipment with the same high level of quality that you expect and deserve.

Kitting & assembly

Assembly in-house is tedious and time consuming—a major drain on your company’s resources. POD Print assembles all the pieces – both simple or complex – and compiles them into ready-to-ship sets with thoroughness, timeliness and efficiency.

Short & long-term storage

No space? No problem. Once your print media is produced, POD Print provides short or long term storage for printed and premium products before distribution.

Pick-&-pack fulfillment

Combining POD Print’s On-Demand print service with our warehousing capabilities for other collateral, your company or services partners can order pieces as needed, and we will gather and ship directly to your desired destination.

Shipping & mailing

Our central location allows us to ship and mail to both coasts economically. Our strong partnerships with all major shipping organizations and our postal knowledge both domestic and international, allows us to quickly and efficiently distribute your collateral.

Our shipping partners include FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, and multiple nationally recognized trucking firms.

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