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Variable Data & Cross-Media

Reach your audience where they are. Leveraging VDP (Variable Data Print) and cross media allows your business to develop strategies that facilitate meaningful interactions with your market in a familiar way that drives measurable results.

Campaign planning

Our experienced team not only helps you implement your cross-media marketing, they also support you in assessing which marketing platforms are most beneficial and develop a detailed campaign strategy to reach your goals.


Use VDP to customize your print for a more personal experience, increase engagement and build relationships with your target demographic.

Return on investment

Make your print media work for you. By directly reaching out to your audience in a manner they’re familiar with, you can build stronger connections. And that leads to real results.


By utilizing cross media, your company can track results and audience engagement in a way that isn’t available through more traditional marketing methods. This hard data allows your business to see what is and isn’t working and adjust as needed.

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Take your marketing to the next level with the VDP services we offer:


See What Our Customers Have to Say

Despite all the revisions I threw at you, this was still the smoothest catalog development/printing/distribution in our company history! I am grateful to have you as a partner moving forward!

– Manufacturing Industry | Marketing Manager

POD Print is an amazing company to work with! Everyone on the team is always very helpful. Whether we need ideas for new projects or a last-minute shipment, we know we can count on POD Print. Our company wouldn’t be where it is without them.

– Trade School Director

POD Print has been a long-time partner with us. The whole team always works hard to understand our business needs and customize a solution to help us achieve our goals. The result is a high-quality product paired with a quick response and a smile.

– Flight Instruction | Program Director

POD Print’s online portal has been a huge benefit to our company. We needed a convenient way to order our printed material, and POD Print delivered. The system is easy to use, and adding new items is quick and simple. We see POD Print as our partner in delivering a better product to our customers.

– Flight Instruction Facility | Program Director

POD Print is a wonderful company. Not only do they take pride in their product; they always go far and beyond the norm to help and assist if any dilemma may arise or any improvements are needed.

– Aviation Industry | Supply Chain Specialist

I asked a successful author who his favorite printer was. When he said POD Print without hesitation, that was enough endorsement. I quickly learned that POD Print is enthusiastic, friendly, competent, and encouraging. Now when people ask me where I got my books printed, I don’t hesitate to tell them POD Print as well.

– Author

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