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Name: Jessica Beck
Company: Prosper U


Could you tell us a bit about your business/organization?

Prosper U is a business education company for the beauty industry. We provide curriculum for schools to teach their students how to be successful in their career by focusing on the numbers, client experience, and personal growth. Prosper U also has courses, books and videos for licensed professionals to grow in their career as well.

What is your role at your business?

I’m the Director of the company. I oversee the operations, manage the team, and help develop the educational content.

Briefly describe the products that POD Print provides to you.

POD Print helps us with all of our printing and distribution. We have all of our educational books, school resources (including posters, mirror clings, and tri-fold cards), and brochures printed with them. They also help with distribution of our materials when orders are placed through our website.

What are some common challenges that you face at your business?

We’re a small team, so having POD Print manage and distribute our inventory has been a huge help. They’re also great at sharing ideas on printing, binding, and stock options when we’re working on a new project. The POD Print team are truly experts in what they do, and because we’ve worked with them since our company first started they know our brand well.

Are there any specific printing-related challenges you’ve come
across in your work, and how were they resolved?

We ran into a challenge with how we first had our teacher content printed. Initially, we printed the teacher’s books with a wire binding and it worked great at first. Because the books were used so frequently pages started coming out of the books, and they weren’t always stored in the best way so the wire started getting bent. POD Print recommended we go to a plastic, spiral binding to solve both of the challenges, and it’s what we’ve used ever since.

How does POD Print help you achieve your goals?

POD Print helps us achieve our goals in so many ways. They help us create an amazing quality product for our clients, but one of the biggest things that our clients are always impressed by is the distribution. We tell our clients to allow 14 business days to receive their order, but normally they get them in three days. We teach about legendary customer service, and POD Print helps us deliver that to our clients.

What qualities do you look for when choosing a printing company?

We look for a company that is reliable, up to date in their industry, friendly, and provides quality products while still being price competitive. Plus, being local to our company is a plus!

How did you hear about POD Print?

Our owner had been working with POD Print with one of his other companies.

How long have you been doing business with POD Print?

We have been doing business with POD Print since we first started in 2013.

Why did you choose POD Print?

POD Print was reliable, easy to do business with, competitive with pricing, and a partner in creating how our products would be printed.

What is your favorite feature of our products and/or service? Why?

There are so many things that I love, but I would say my favorite is the collaboration and communication. We like to do things sizes and styles that could be considered less conventional and the POD Print team always brings great ideas to the table to help us create something amazing but stay within our desired budget.

What would you tell others looking for a printing company?

If you are looking for a printing company, you need to look into POD Print no matter the size of your project!

Where can we find out more about you or your organization?

You can find out more about our company on our websites, www.myprosperu.com and www.prosperupro.com.

Tell us a little about yourself. What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work I spend time with my two kids, serve in my church, take my dog on walks, and enjoy quiet time to myself.

Do you have any overall feedback or advice for us as a company?

POD Print has been an amazing company to work with. You always exceed our expectations. Thank you for everything you do!

See What Our Customers Have to Say

Despite all the revisions I threw at you, this was still the smoothest catalog development/printing/distribution in our company history! I am grateful to have you as a partner moving forward!

– Manufacturing Industry | Marketing Manager

POD Print is an amazing company to work with! Everyone on the team is always very helpful. Whether we need ideas for new projects or a last-minute shipment, we know we can count on POD Print. Our company wouldn’t be where it is without them.

– Trade School Director

POD Print has been a long-time partner with us. The whole team always works hard to understand our business needs and customize a solution to help us achieve our goals. The result is a high-quality product paired with a quick response and a smile.

– Flight Instruction | Program Director

POD Print’s online portal has been a huge benefit to our company. We needed a convenient way to order our printed material, and POD Print delivered. The system is easy to use, and adding new items is quick and simple. We see POD Print as our partner in delivering a better product to our customers.

– Flight Instruction Facility | Program Director

POD Print is a wonderful company. Not only do they take pride in their product; they always go far and beyond the norm to help and assist if any dilemma may arise or any improvements are needed.

– Aviation Industry | Supply Chain Specialist

I asked a successful author who his favorite printer was. When he said POD Print without hesitation, that was enough endorsement. I quickly learned that POD Print is enthusiastic, friendly, competent, and encouraging. Now when people ask me where I got my books printed, I don’t hesitate to tell them POD Print as well.

– Author