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Client Spotlight: Peter Manidis

Name: Peter Manidis
Company: Amba Products


Client Spotlight: Dr. Shawn G. Sejera

Name: Dr. Shawn G. Sejera
Company: Hallett Motor Racing Circuit

Book Printing

Book Layout Basics

While POD Print has an experienced design team that can help create your book’s interior text files, you may wish to design your layout on your own instead. If so, here are some tips and tricks for maximum readability and a professional product.


Client Spotlight: Jessica Beck

Name: Jessica Beck
Company: Prosper U


Print Glossary

Like any professional industry, printing has a plethora of specific terminology used during the process. When speaking with a printer, it can help to know some of these terms. Today, we’ll list the most common words and phrases that your printer may discuss with you when determining the best process for your project.

Help & Tutorials

Folding Options

What are my folding options? If you’re looking for brochures and handouts, folding is a common way to compress a lot of information into a compact space. But what options are available? Below are five of the most common folding options for print projects. Z-Fold This is a common three-panel, or tri-fold, brochure format, in […]


Employee Spotlight: John Kush

Learn more about the man you talk to when you want your job done right!


Client Spotlight: Trish Menadue

Name: Trish Menadue Company: Excel Industries, Inc   Could you tell us a bit about your business/organization? Founded in 1960 and based in Hesston, Kansas, Excel Industries is a leading manufacturer of Hustler Turf and BigDog Mower Co. premium commercial and residential mowers and power equipment. In 1964, Excel introduced The Hustler, creating an entirely […]


Client Spotlight: Amanda Meyers

Learn about how POD Print has helped Amanda Meyers and the Wichita Family Crisis Center.


Benefits of Printed Media

Can Reading Printed Media Help Your Comprehension? It’s true! Studies have shown that students retain and comprehend information better when reading printed paper than they do on digital screens. Anne Mangen, PhD, a professor at the University of Stavanger in Norway, conducted a study in 2017, in which participants were given the same story in […]