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Logo Font

Are you setting the right tone with your logo’s typeface?

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Wedding Print Timeline

You have so much to plan for your wedding, and checklists can help ensure you have everything on time.

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What’s in an Ampersand?

It’s such a common symbol that you may never have thought about the origins of the ampersand, or “&”. You see it in logos everywhere, for companies from Dolce & Gabbana to Ben & Jerry’s, and you’ve certainly used it when jotting your own notes.

But where did it come from?


Finding Your Color Palette

Color is a vital part of a design, but it can be daunting choosing a palette for your logo, branding, or design piece. Luckily these three quick and simple approaches can help you create a pleasing color palette.

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Let’s Keep It Going!

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, individuals and businesses big and small. We sat down with POD Print’s production manager, Traci Grote, to discuss the impact it has had on the local, family-owned printing company.


Employee Spotlight: Christy Exstrum

Learn more about our special projects coordinator!

Help & Tutorials

Lamination vs. UV Coating

Whatever your needs, lamination and UV coating can be used to add durability and texture or sheen to your pieces. But what is the difference between the two finishing options??


Free Typefaces

Who couldn’t use some free resources right now?? Here’s our 3 favorite places for free, legal fonts!

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Banner Sale

Many businesses need banners at this time to advertise their changing services and hours, and we want to help! We are offering very competitive prices on all of our banners right now!


Trade Show Checklist

I’m a vendor at my first trade show. What print collateral do I need? Fear not, we are here to help you every step of the way!